Wild Events

"To live is to bloom"

Breathwork Circle

Breathwork Circles

Transformational breathwork is a very powerful technique that helps with physical, emotional and spiritual WELLBEING. The breathwork itself is a specific technique known as “circular breathing”. Each inhale is taken in deeply through the mouth, then let go through the mouth without any effort in a circular pattern. This powerful technique helps you to transform negative patterns or believes that are stuck in your mind, body or both. Through this connected way of breathing, you get acces to your unconscious emotional and physical trauma's that lay hidden in this beautiful body of yours. This is how smart your body is. It literally stores all of these trauma's, blockages and energies in itself. Waiting for you to release them! And offcourse to embrace and love them. Because in essence that is all that the energy wants. So, “Let's love ourselves a little more!”

Join this safe and beautiful intimate circle, and breathe in new life.

Free Flowing Journey

Come. Dance with me on this beautiful journey through your heart and find your wings and fly. Follow the rythmn of your heart and your flow will follow with ecstatic lightness. Explore the depths of dance and how it can transform energy throughout your entire body. Let your body “Free Flow”. It's just delicious!

"Just like dance, life is charactarized by movement, rhythm and fluidity"

Ecstatic Dance

Wild Being and Nature's Medicine

Herbs are nature's pharmacy, brimming with healing powers cherished for centuries. Their diverse composition of bioactive compounds offers a range of health benefits, from promoting sleep and digestion to bolstering the immune system and reducing inflammation. Due to their versatility, herbs can be utilized in food, medicine, and even cosmetics, becoming an integral part of our pursuit of wellness and balance, rooted in the wisdom of Mother Nature.

Wild Hair on Tour

Around Coffee | 20 april, Eindhoven
Avani Retreat | 22 t/m 25 april, Den Bosch
Kallumaan | 29 april t/m 5 mei, Kraggenburg
Kallumaan | 17 t/m 20 mei, Kraggenburg
Aliveness Festival | 27 t/m 30 mei, Nederland
Oerol Festival | 9 t/m 14 juni, Terschelling
Camping de Lakens | 21 t/m 13 juni, Bloemendaal aan Zee
Wilde Weide | 5 t/m 7 juli, Kraggenburg
Ecstatic Dance Festival | 9 t/m 16 juli, Nederland
Kallumaan | 19 t/m 28 juli, Kraggenburg
Medicine Festival | 14 t/m 18 augustus, Engeland
Kallumaan| 20 t/m 27 augustus, Kraggenburg
Het Grote Fijne | 28 aug t/m 1 sept, Nederland
Voodoo Village | 7 t/m 8 sept, Grimbergen