The Power of Breath

"We have to meet ourselves to grow into higher versions of ourselves"


Transform your breath, transform your life

Can breathwork really transform your life? Yes it can, and it will! It changed my life and the lives of many others around the globe. It's not something that we often think about, as it's an automatic function of the body. We breath 24 hours a day, our entire lives unconsciously and we never think about it for a second, so what would happen if we start doing so? There's so much magic to be found in our breaths. It's the place where all your treasures lie! The way you breathe is like a mirror. It's the true reflection of your life, yourself and your health. You're breath can tell you a LOT.

Breath love

The beautifulness of Transformational Breath is BIG! It has the potential to heal your body, mind and spirit. It has also the power to first heal you through all of these three layers, for them all to bring connect back into your shiny BEING.

Sometimes things are almost "too easy” "too obvious” "TOO NATURAL” that we are so unaware of them. They are so in front of our faces, that we don't even see and notice them anymore. And this is the place where true MAGIC lies. Because our breath IS true magic. Our breath is MEDICINE. It is your super NATURAL tool. And guess what; it is available for everybody!

"Breath with Nature"



Deep dive private journey €150
- One on one transformational breathworksession.

The Tranformational Package €190
- Wild Hair Experience + breathwork journey in nature.

Couples Retreat €90 p.p.
- Transformative breathwork session for two.

Group Circle €50 p.p.
- Transformative breathwork session with a group of six+ people.

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